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Board of Directors Recall Petition and Voting Timeline

Board of Directors Recall Petition and Voting Timeline

On June 19, a recall petition was submitted to Collins Management with enough valid homeowner signatures to ask for a recall election for two directors on the Board, Mark Weinmann and Todd Peterson. After a required special meeting was held by the Board on July 2, the following timeline of events was approved for the recall petition:

July 8 – A call for candidates is made with a notice of the special recall petition meeting taking place on September 12. These candidates would, if either of the recall ballots pass, take the place of those being recalled. The notice will be mailed to all homeowners.

July 29 – Deadline for candidates to turn in applications to be included on the recall ballot to replace Board members up for recall.

August 5 – Recall ballot is mailed to all homeowners which includes a ballot to vote for or against each member being recalled and whether to approve or disapprove the candidates for replacement.

September 5 – Recall ballots are due from homeowners.

September 12 – A special recall petition meeting.

Note that this recall ballot is not the same as the annual election ballot. More information will be provided in the official mailings.