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Important Safety Announcement

Important Safety Announcement

First, on Monday, July 29, 2019 at approximately 5:10 p.m. a Board member’s home was shot at by individuals driving slowly through the neighborhood.  The Board member in question lives along South Larwin Drive and a family member was in the residence at the time.  Video surveillance of the area shows a dark colored vehicle (either black, dark blue or dark green), believed to be a GMC Yukon driving down the street when the rear driver’s side window rolled down and a weapon was aimed out of the window.  The weapon was discharged and the picture window of the Board member’s home was hit.  Thankfully, the individual at home was not hit, but they were in the front of the home when it occurred and could have easily been injured.


The incident was immediately reported to the Concord Police Department and the involved individuals made a statement to the police and provided them with surveillance footage.  Although it has been reported that the driver of the vehicle was subsequently apprehended by police, the individual’s identity has not been disclosed and no further information about this has been provided by the Concord Police Department to the victims.


The Association takes this matter very seriously and will not tolerate acts of violence against members of the Board or the community.  For this reason, the Association requests that anyone else who may have been targeted that same night or in a similar manner notify the Association immediately. Alternatively, if you have any information about the incident or the individuals involved, please let us know.  The Association intends to take all measures possible to ensure prosecution of any individuals involved in this cowardly and extremely dangerous act.


Second, it was learned this morning that the recently installed irrigation system on the North Slope, the site of our recently completed landscape project, had been vandalized. The majority of the sprinkler heads that had been installed were broken off.  The Association is in the process in working with homeowners adjacent to this area to obtain video surveillance footage that may be available.  The damage to the sprinklers will cost more than $1,000 dollars to repair.  As per association policy, the association is prepared to pay up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who willfully destroys or damages association property.  As above, if you have any information about the incident or the individuals involved, please let us know.


As an additional reminder, contact law enforcement anytime there is an incident involving public safety, but please remember to notify the Association, as well.  While law enforcement officers have the tools and authority to stop criminal behavior, the Association wants to provide important information like this to the larger community.  Regardless of where we may live in the development, we are all members of the same community – the timely sharing of information like this could help keep our community safe.


Thank you for your attention to this important matter