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Fob Access Key FAQs

The following Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are available as a PDF by clicking here.

What’s changing?

Access gates to all Cowell Homeowners Association (CHOA) pools (main, east, and west) and tennis courts (upper and lower) used to require a hard key to open, like you’d use to unlock your front door. Now, you will use a key fob (see picture to left) to electronically unlock a gate by placing it next to a sensor at the pools and tennis courts during normal operational hours.

Why did the CHOA Board make this change?

An electronic fob entry system allows far greater access controls than traditional hard keys. For one, fobs may not be copied by anyone, while hard keys could be copied and easily passed to other non-residents or simply used by people after moving out of the community. Also, fobs allow instant entry denial changes should they be warranted, and allow user tracking (coupled with other equipment enhancements to improve facility and resident security).

How do I get my fob?

Please call the General Manager in the Business Office at 925-687-9961, or email to schedule an appointment for obtaining your HOA keys during normal business hours.

I can’t make it to pickup my fob. Can you mail mine?

Fobs will not be mailed under any circumstances. A fob shall only be issued in person, to the Property Owner, his/her Agent or the recorded renter. Remember, a fob may be picked up from the Clubhouse during normal clubhouse hours.

So, what do I need to enter CHOA pools and tennis courts?

You will need your CHOA ID badge (just as before) and your fob – every time. Access gates for tennis and swimming are:

  • Upper Tennis Courts – 1 Gate for each set of courts located on the Greenbelt side (no access on street side
  • Lower Tennis Courts – 1 Gate for the courts located at the gate at the end of Smoke Tree Court (no access at the gate at the end of Blueberry Court)
  • Main Pool – 2 Gates, 1 on Lawson Ct. and 1 adjacent to the Clubhouse
  • East Pool – Main Gate
  • West Pool – Main Gate

What about the dog park?

You still need the hard key to access the dog park. Eventually the dog park may also require a fob for entry.

What is a fob? How does it work?

A fob is a small plastic disc (see picture to left), that can be attached to a keychain, that contains a unique ID. When you swipe the fob by an entry door sensor, the fob’s information is compared to a database of approved CHOA users. If you’re an approved user, the door unlocks instantly and you get to walk in. It is recommended that you write down each fob’s unique ID for your records.

How many fobs do I get? Am I allowed to buy additional?

Each home will be given two fobs; each fob has a unique ID. A homeowner living at the residence may use the two fobs assigned to that house. A renter, in accordance with CHOA’s Rules, will be given the two fobs assigned to the house they’re living in. Renters must provide/maintain a $300 deposit for CHOA facility fobs and hard keys. If a deposit was already given for hard keys, an additional deposit is not needed.

A home may only have two active fobs at a time. You may not purchase additional fobs in order to have more than two working and approved fobs.

What’s the responsibility of the fob property owner?

The Property Owner accepts ALL responsibility for the actions of anyone using the key fob.  Property Owners of homes rented to others are responsible for maintaining ownership of their key fob(s).  Note: Owners who rent out their home within CHOA understand that the tenant has the rights to use the HOA facilities as the resident and the owner does not retain this right.

What happens if I lose one or both of my fobs?

When you lose even one of the your fobs, visit the Clubhouse, present a legal ID, and tell the staff that the fob has been lost. You must be the property owner or renter verified on the official master list of CHOA Registry of Owner/Residents. Each Key Fob received requires the signature of the Owner or Agent.

At that time, the lost fob will be deactivated – it will no longer allow entry ever again. Then, pay $10 for each replacement fob. The replacement fob(s) will be activated and assigned to your home. The new fob should be active within 24 hours.

What if my fob stops working?

Though very rare, sometimes a fob will stop working through no fault of the user. In that case, return the fob to CHOA for free replacement. All replacements fobs MUST have the number of the fob to be replaced in order to deactivate that fob. Key fobs lost, stolen, or damaged may be replaced for $10.

May I give my fob to anyone else?

Your fobs may not be given out to anyone outside of your household to use. Fobs are non-transferable.

Is the fob waterproof? Magnetic proof?

Though a fob is waterproof, it is not recommended that you take it with you into the pool. Fobs are magnetic proof – they will not become demagnetized.