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Central Greenbelt Concrete Project Starting Mid-September

At the previous July meeting, the Board approved a bid for removing and replacing about 8,100 square feet of concrete in the central greenbelt area. This is a project that the Board has been working on for months now, and we are thrilled that it’s finally scheduled for later this fall.

The goal of this project was to replace problematic concrete throughout the greenbelt. Because of the large expanse of the greenbelt, this project was divided up into three phases. The first phase was the central greenbelt. East-West boundaries were Corkwood Ct and Marsh Elder Ct; North-South boundaries were Blueberry Ct and S. Larwin Ave. The focus within this area was 1) slick or slipper concrete, due to improper finishing or erosion from irrigation, and 2) cracked or broken concrete that was failing or might be a trip hazard.

This project is estimated to take about two weeks and is scheduled to start in mid-September.

While underway, the walkways themselves will be closed off to pedestrians. We will ensure that there is proper signage installed indicating appropriate pathways for residents during construction, but during the two week project, most of these concrete walkways will be closed off and unavailable. You will still be able to walk around in the grass, but you may have to take a bit of a roundabout, indirect route to get from one side to the other. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but think it will be well worth it once everything is finished!

We will also be hiring on-site security to ensure that no concrete is vandalized or tampered with after hours, while it’s curing. If you have children, we would be grateful if you could pass the message along and remind them to be respectful of the property they live in and not give in to the temptation to write their name (or some more other, more inappropriate shape) in curing concrete, no matter how tempting it might be!

We are excited for this project to be completed and can’t wait to see the new walkways when everything is finished. The greenbelt is arguably CHOA’s most treasured amenity, and think this project will do a great deal in keeping it that way!