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Board & Committees

CHOA Board of Directors

CHOA’s functioning and management occurs according to its Governing Documents. To carry out rules and processes set forth in those documents, CHOA has an elected Board of Directors (Board) comprised of volunteer homeowners in good standing

The Board meets in the CHOA Business Office once a month unless emergency or special  (unscheduled) sessions are required. There are seven seats on the Board. The Board works with CHOA’s management company  to ensure optimal day-to-day and long-term operations, planning, and fiduciary decisions are carried out in the best interest of the community.

Board meeting minutes and agendas are found on the Board’s documents page. All agendas, by law, are posted outside the Business Office at least four days before a scheduled Board meeting. A best effort is made to share documents online in a timely matter.

If you wish to email one Director, a few Directors, or the entire Board of Directors, you may send an email to Our General Manager, Bill Mazza, will work to address any issue raised in the message and ensure the Board member you directed it to will receive the message.

As of the most current terms, Board members are as follows:

  • Mike Kindorf – President
  • Ken Dixon – Vice President
  • Edward Baluta – Treasurer
  • Brian Beckon – Secretary
  • Rebecca D’Lima – Director
  • Sandeep Singh – Director
  • Jason Moore – Director


CHOA Committees

The Board has created chartered committees for issues relating to home architecture regulations, common area landscape management, community activity and event planning. Please consider joining your fellow residents in volunteering for any of these committees. Contact the Business Office for more information.

Please be aware that homeowners are welcome to attend committee meetings, however, there is no open forum allowing homeowners to address the committee directly.  If you would like to address the CHOA Board directly, you will have to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting, fill out a speaker card and wait for your turn to address the Board.

Committee charters, minutes, and agendas are found here.

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee ensures consistent home exterior appearances by reviewing applications for exterior modifications submitting monthly architectural enforcement reports for the Board’s review and approval, and providing guidance on architecture rule interpretations and changes. To join the Architectural Committee or for more information, contact the Business Office.

Landscape Committee

The appearance of all common areas in Walnut Country fall under the Landscape Committee’s purview. This committee ensures our shared grass areas, trees, plants, and walkways are well kept. The Landscape Committee reviews tree health, manages sprinkler scheduling and water tower maintenance, and is responsible for keeping our grounds as beautiful as possible. To join the Landscape Committee or for more information, contact the Business Office.