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Dog Park Decomposed Granite Project

The CHOA Board of Directors have approved the installation of roughly 5,600 square feet of stabilized decomposed granite near the south entrance of the large dog park. This work is scheduled to begin on January 19th and will likely last until January 31st.

Here is a map of the approximate area that will be converted to DG











This project fulfilled two goals: 1) address the issue of muddy or sodden areas where dog owners tend to socialize or rest, and 2) reduce our overall amount of non-recreational turf (and in turn, our water bills).

While this work is underway, the large dog park will be closed and unavailable for use. The small dog park will remain open during this time.

This is an exciting project for a number of reasons. The Board has frequently received feedback from regular users of the dog park regarding areas by the south end (near the benches and entrance gates) getting rather muddy and dirty, especially in the winter time. This decomposed granite (DG) should help keep these areas cleaner and more comfortable for both dogs and their owners alike, as it won’t absorb water like dirt does.

Here’s a sample picture of what the gold DG will look like












Additionally, this project is a part of the Board’s goal of an overall reduction of non-recreational turf. Water is one of CHOA’s biggest annual expenses, and for 2021 we spent more than $160,000 on water alone. The dog park’s watering bill makes up nearly 10% of CHOA’s total water usage. On top of that, frequent dog use (including dogs running around, marking territory, etc.) means the turf requires more water and attention than you’d normally otherwise pay, to keep it in a nice, useable condition. As residents are likely aware, dog urine and turf do not play nice. The high levels of nitrogen in dog urine creates a burning effect, causing turf to die. Dogs also tend to mark the same spots over and over, making it tough for grass to recover.

The installation of DG at this end of the dog park means a reduced water bill and a reduction in overall maintenance needs, since DG requires no irrigation. This DG will be relatively fine and stabilized, meaning it won’t look or act like pea gravel or rocks – it’ll be more level, sturdy, and consistent than crushed or pea gravel.

Another example of DG installed adjacent to turf










That being said, we will be adding a hose bib in the area for residents to use to fill up water bowls (or hose down the DG if needed), which is another request we’d received from dog park regulars!

If there are any changes to the construction schedule for this project, we will make sure to post it here so everyone is aware. We look forward to seeing everybody back at the dog park in February!