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East Pool Vandalism – October 10th @ 2pm

On Monday, October 10th around 2pm, two individuals, one male and one female, jumped over the fence at the east pool and used the restrooms. The male then unscrewed and stole the gate’s electric strike, which is the mechanism that keeps the gate locked. These individuals then returned to the picnic table by the playground, where they remained for another 20 to 30 minutes with what appeared to be a group of their friends. We don’t believe these two individuals are residents, as the pool gate could have been opened using a key fob, but they may be guests or friends of residents. The male who stole the strike was wearing dark pants, a white t-shirt, a white and blue trucker-style hat, and was smoking a cigarette when he entered the pool deck.

Their actions were caught on camera and we are asking anyone who might recognize these individuals to come forward. This act of vandalism cost the Association roughly $800 in parts and labor to have the strike replaced and the gate repaired.


If you recognize these individuals, please reach out to the General Manager at your earliest convenience at 925-687-9961 or by email at Thank you for your assistance!