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Membership Survey

We are rebooting the annual CHOA community survey and would very much appreciate if you could take some time to provide your feedback! This survey will be used to better understand the community’s needs, desires, and opinions. It will help us get a feel for how things are going, how important specific facilities are to residents, and to help us hone in on areas where improvements can be made.


This survey is estimated to take about 15 to 20 minutes and will ask members for feedback on the CHOA facilities, maintenance, policies, and administration. The intent behind this survey is to get a better sense of the community’s priorities to help give the Board information and context when making decisions during the monthly Board meetings.

No data is being collected for this survey. Participants are not asked for their names or addresses at any point during the survey, and all answers are totally confidential.

Please note that this survey is not the place to report specific maintenance issues that need addressing. Those can be emailed to the General Manager at at any time. We are looking for general feedback that can help the Board understand how the community as a whole is feeling and what is important to it.

Your participation is important – it will help the Board better understand what the community is happy with and what the community thinks needs improvement. If you have any questions, please contact the General Manager at 925-687-9961.