Phone: (925) 687-9961

Clubhouse: (925) 825-0250


Business Office

The Walnut Country Business Office is CHOA’s center for resident needs and community management.


Monday thru Friday / 9am to 5pm

  • Closed December 22nd thru December 26th, 2023 for Christmas.
  • Closed January 1st, 2024 for New Year’s.


Homeowner or Business

CHOA General Manager – Bill Mazza

4498 Lawson Court

Phone: (925) 687-9961


AX9 Security
Phone: 415-854-5414 (tell the operator this is an “alarm response”)
CHOA security company patrols the common use areas and facilities.


If you have a problem on your street or private residence please call the Concord Police Department at one of the following numbers:

Concord Police – Emergency: (925) 671-3333
Concord Police – Non-emergency: (925) 671-3220
Concord Police – Abandon Vehicle: (925) 671-3259
Life Threatening Emergency:  911