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History at walnut country

There is a lot of history in our neighborhood. Read more about:


SmokeStack Memorial

The Cowell Smokestack was removed on June 15, 2009. The Smokestack was built as part of the Cowell Cement plant in 1936 to replace eight smaller stacks; this smokestack reached 235 feet. The Smokestack was actually a cement stack designed to ensure cement dust would be spread far from the surrounding farmland.

Fondly recalled as a landmark for pilots landing at Buchanan Airport and locals to know that they are almost home, the Smokestack was removed because it had become a safety hazard with falling cement and a major earthquake danger.

In the Smokestack’s place is a memorial in the Greenbelt.

For more information, please visit the following sites:

A History of the City of Cowell



The Cowell Firehouse was built as part of the town of Cowell that existed where the Walnut Country community resides today. The firehouse is located at the end of Prairie Willow Court.

The Cowell Historical Society has these great pictures of the firehouse on its website: For more information, contact the Cowell Historical Society.