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2021 Pool Schedule Update

2021 Pool Schedule Update

The Board of Directors met on 9/23 and discussed the CHOA pool schedule for the rest of the swim season. Over the last several years, we have received numerous requests from residents to keep the pools open longer, even year-round, so that they are available for lap-swimming, as an example.

As you might be aware, the Board has approved a rehabilitation project for both the east and west pool pump rooms. We are hopefully that these projects can start this winter and complete before the 2022 swim season. Both pools will need to be closed once this project starts.

As of the most current information available, we are told that this project will likely start around mid or late October. Once we have a start date, we will notify all residents of the closing date for the side pools. If the project is pushed back later into winter, then we will use the weather when deciding when to close the pools. We will close the side pools when we see consistent cold/wet weather (and a drop in pool use as a result). Last year, this was around late October/early November. If the pool pump room project is pushed back, we expect the side pools to be closed around the same time.

The Board voted to keep the main pool open into early December and to use this extension as a gauge for pool usage into the winter months. At the December meeting, the Board will review the main pool traffic and make a determination as to whether the pool will be closed for the winter, or kept open later.

As we are sure all owners are aware, it costs a significant amount of money to keep the pools heated and maintained, especially in the winter months. If the Board finds that only a very small number of residents are using the pool, it may decide to close it for the winter as the benefit does not outweigh the associated costs.

We encourage all interested residents to join us at the December 2nd board meeting where this information will be reviewed and discussed by the Board.

As always, any new information or changes to these plans will be posted on the HOA and sent out to all residents who are signed up for the eSignal. If you haven’t already, we recommend all residents sign up for the eSignal so you can get all CHOA updates delivered straight to your email inbox. Contact the General Manager if you have any questions.