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2024 Assessment Increase Reminder

2024 Assessment Increase Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the monthly assessments are going up to $116.00 per unit per month starting January 1st. This is about an 8% increase over last year, and lines up with ongoing inflation rates, which reached more than 9% at its peak during the last two years. This increase is not the result of any new contracts or money spent building something that wasn’t there before. The driving force behind this increase is inflation and the rising costs of goods and services.

Homeowners have several ways to make a payment:

  1. Write a check and mail it to the HOA’s bank
  2. Make a one-time payment online at
  3. Setup automatic payments online at

Detailed instructions for how to create an account and make online payments or setup automatic payments are available online at

If you have any questions or need assistance making payments or adjusting your autopay, please contact the Business Office!