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Board Update from President Mark Weinmann

Board Update from President Mark Weinmann

The text below also appears as part of the February Signal in the President’s Corner:

At the beginning of a new year, organizations spend time to take stock, look ahead and start anew. CHOA and our Board of Directors are no exception. We are deep in this process and are already taking steps to improve how we operate, while also ensuring we run our association to provide the highest level of service while minimizing risk.

So, what are we doing? Two weeks ago, the full Board and our General Manager attended training presented by a subject matter expert in HOA processes and regulations to ensure we are all intricately familiar with how we need to operate. Many of us on the Board having served for years, along with our newer members, came away with a refreshed understanding that we are all now level set on.

We learned that there are some things we need to start doing, change and stop doing. We have already implemented changes that will help us be more effective and efficient as a Board and an association. Here’s a sampling:

We have updated how we organize our meetings through updates to our agenda that will help make them more effective and shorter while ensuring that our minutes capture only the relevant information we need.
We will strengthen how we communicate with homeowners as a “full Board” so we can both hear and act as one in serving you. Along these lines, we will no longer have a forum at the beginning of committee meetings but rather have all homeowners bring their concerns to the entire Board at our monthly meeting in the Homeowners’ Forum. This allows all of us on the Board to both hear and consider your comments and concerns.
We have additional areas we will be focusing on in the upcoming months including our committee structure and operations, due diligence in our decision making and working more closely with our management company to improve processes. Our main goal is to create methods and processes that are sustainable over time. This ensures that future Boards can continue to operate with the same efficiency and effectiveness as members change over the years.

I know I’ve taken up much of my column on our directions as a Board, but we want to impress upon all of our members the importance of this and how we will work to ensure its success.

I invite you to join us this year for one of the monthly Board of Directors’ meetings. It’s a great way to make your voice heard. On that note, please join us on February 28th for our next regular monthly BOD meeting.