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CHOA Director Resignation – Election By Acclamation

CHOA Director Resignation – Election By Acclamation

September 4, 2018 – In August, CHOA Director Mitch Kopp resigned from his position on the Board effective immediately. During his six months on the Board, Mitch was Chair of the WCST Committee. We wish Mitch the best of luck in the future.
Board of Directors Election Now by Acclamation

Election materials were mailed to all homeowners in August with five candidates running for four Board seats. With Mitch’s resignation, there are now five open Board seats for the five candidates which means that all candidates will be seated as Directors; however, we still need your votes!

Three of the Board seats will be for two-year terms, and two seats will be for one-year terms. The top three candidates by vote totals will receive the two-year terms, and the other two candidates will receive one-year terms.

You may submit up to four total votes with no more than one vote given to a single candidate. Please submit your votes…they still count! Votes will be counted at the Annual Board meeting on Thursday, September 27, at 7 pm.