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City of Concord Upcoming Pavement Maintenance Project

City of Concord Upcoming Pavement Maintenance Project

You may have received several notices from the City of Concord regarding an upcoming pavement maintenance project that will take place primarily around the west half of the Cowell community. Our office has been in contact with the Construction Manager for this project and we have created a page on the HOA website that will include pertinent documents, schedules, and project updates, so that everything that may impact you as a Cowell homeowner is located in one convenient location.

This project is officially called Pavement Maintenance – Zone 4. It is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 10th and should be completed by December of 2021.
Please note that this project is in no way associated with Cowell HOA. It is a city funded and managed project. We are only assisting the Construction Management vendor in communication and updates. If you have any questions about this project, you should reach out to the Resident Engineer first (his name is Bill too – sorry in advance for any confusion that may cause!).

Project Resident Engineer: Bill Coletto – 630-440-3600

The HOA’s web page will include all notices that the city and Construction Manager has sent out to affected residents, as well as the most current construction schedule available.

All updates for this project can be found on the following web page: will be multiple direct links to this page added throughout the HOA website, along with a permanent link on the top navigation bar under “News & Signal”.

Construction is set to begin this Monday. The vendors may also be staging equipment and materials in the public street and in some parking areas throughout the community. More information will be made available as the project develops, and the city and vendors will be providing notices and door tags to residents who are impacted by any upcoming work. Please contact the Resident Engineer directly should you have any questions or concerns as work commences!
-Bill, CHOA GM