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Clubhosue Will Remain Closed Through January 2022

Clubhosue Will Remain Closed Through January 2022

At the September meeting, the Board discussed the Clubhouse schedule for the remainder of the year, and how it wanted to handle upcoming holiday and winter reservations that were made many months ago.

At this time, the Board has decided that it will be keeping the clubhouse closed through the winter and will continue the discussion and reevaluate this decision at the January 27th, 2022 board meeting. At that meeting, the board will discuss potentially reopening the clubhouse and making it available for reservations and parties. This means that the clubhouse will not be available for reservations, nor will residents be able to make any future reservations at this time.

We appreciate everyone’s patience throughout this process. We understand that this news may be frustrating to those eager to rent out the clubhouse, but it is important to the board that the scope is fully understood before moving forward with re-hiring clubhouse staff. The Board does not want to be in a position where they hire on multiple staff members, only to furlough them again several weeks later due to increasing COVID restrictions (and that has been the case over these last few weeks, with indoor mask requirements coming back into play, along with proof of vaccination now being required at several types of facilities).

This also means that auxiliary clubhouse functions (like bridge, badges, tai-chi, etc) will also be on hold until the clubhouse is able to reopen.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out the General Manager. We also welcome and encourage homeowners to attend the January 2022 board meeting to listen in on the discussion and provide comments during the Homeowner Forum portion of the meeting.