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Clubhouse & Bathrooms Closed this Weekend Starting 4/7

Clubhouse & Bathrooms Closed this Weekend Starting 4/7

Our main pool gas line project is progressing nicely and appears to be a bit ahead of schedule. The gas plumbing work is nearly complete and an inspection with the city is scheduled for this afternoon. If all goes well, backfilling will begin on Monday and the pool heaters can be turned on once all final connections are made, which can be done after the inspection has passed.

We did run into an issue with a water main line that was stuck in the tree roots in the grassy area along Lawson Ct and was damaged during excavation, since the roots had wrapped around it. Repairs are being made today, but the water will need to be shutoff over the weekend to allow the glue to dry.

As a result we will be closing the Clubhouse today, through the entire weekend because there will be no running water or working bathrooms available. We will also need to close all bathrooms on the pool deck as they will be out of order.

The gym will still be open, but we will have no working bathrooms at the main pool or in the Clubhouse and no available running water.

Sorry for the inconvenience! But we hope to have some good news about the main pool in the coming days ?