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Contra Costa Face Mask Health Order – Effective 4/22

Contra Costa Face Mask Health Order – Effective 4/22

As you may have heard, the Contra Costa Health Officer recently released a new order requiring members of the public and workers to wear facing coverings effective April 22nd. Clicking here will take you straight to the Press Release on CCHealth’s website.

Here is a quick breakdown for the benefit of all Crossings residents:

  • Members of the public must wear face coverings while inside of or waiting in line to enter any business that is open to the public
  • Face coverings are required when waiting for or riding on public transportation or other shared transportation
  • Face coverings not officially required when walking through public areas (GM note: but are strongly recommended for all residents when walking through the greenbelt and throughout the community!)


Some important exceptions/notes:

  • Children under the age of 12 are not required to wear a face covering
  • The Order does not recommend that any child aged 2 years or younger wear a face covering due to the risk of suffocation
  • It does not require people to wear face coverings while engaged in outdoor recreation such as walking, hiking, bicycling, or running,¬†though it does recommend that they have a face covering with them
  • Social distancing is still required, even if a face covering is not


This order takes effect at 8am on April 22nd. Please contact the Contra Costa Health Services if you have any additional questions.