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Information regarding March 26th Board Meeting

Information regarding March 26th Board Meeting

The Board will still hold its meeting on March 26th, but due to the current COVID-19 health concerns, it will be held via teleconference. We are currently working out the technical logistics to allow interested homeowners to call in and listen to the meeting as permitted by law. A member comment period will be held, but we are requesting that all comments be submitted to the General Manager ahead of time as otherwise it will be difficult to handle an open forum via teleconference. If you have a comment that you would like to provide to the Board for this meeting, please email the General Manager by end of day Wednesday March 25th at The General Manager will provide your comment to the Board to review during the meeting.

Again, we are not planning on allowing comments live during the meeting as it will be difficult to handle with a teleconference, so please submit comments ahead of time to the General Manager. The list of agenda items for this meeting will be short and has been posted at the Business Office as required by Civil Code.

We have consulted with counsel and our HOA management company and this is the method for holding a board meeting they have recommended while also allowing for compliance with the current shelter in place order. We also think this is a good opportunity to give this meeting system a test run before our April meeting, since that is when the election rules will be reviewed, and we want to avoid any potential delays to the upcoming Board election later this year.

Please email the General Manager at starting Monday March 23rd if you would like the teleconference information/phone number for the meeting as it will not be posted on the meeting notice and agenda or HOA website, to ensure that only HOA members attend