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Main Pool Gas Line Project Complete!

Main Pool Gas Line Project Complete!

We are happy to announce that the Main Pool gas line project has completed ahead of schedule and the main pool heaters have been on and running since Monday afternoon!

As of today, all three pools are open, heated, and ready for swimming!

Starting today, Wednesday the 12th, the Swim Team will resume their normal weekday practice at the main pool. The west pool will be open and available to residents.

Swim Team practice currently runs Monday through Friday, from 3:30pm to 8pm at the Main Pool. Both side pools are open and available to all residents during this time.

Although the gas line has been successfully installed, the grass and surrounding landscaping is still a bit messy and uneven in many areas. Please be cautious if entering the Main Pool from the Lawson side and watch your step – there’s still a lot of leftover dirt and it’s pretty bumpy in some spots. We are now working with the landscapers to get this area cleaned up and repaired.

Here are the current pool hours:

  • Main Pool: 7am to 9pm daily
  • East & West Pools: 7am to 8pm daily
  • WCST practice at main pool weekdays, 3:30pm to 8pm