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Main Pool Heaters on as of 2/26

Main Pool Heaters on as of 2/26

As of Monday, February 26, the Main Pool heaters are on and the water is being heated to around 82 degrees!

The Walnut Country Swim Team’s Spring Clinic is starting up this week and runs Monday through Thursday, from 3:30pm to 8pm. The Main Pool will be unavailable to residents during this time.

The Side Pool heaters will be turned on in April. The Board agreed that it will be no earlier than April 8th, but that may be delayed due to weather. If it is very cold or rainy in early April, the date for heating will be pushed back until the weather improves.

Typically the heaters are turned off in the fall. If the Swim Team holds a Fall Clinic, the Main Pool will continue to be heated through that date (usually into November). A final decision on these dates will be made at a Board meeting in the summer – please feel free to provide any feedback at any regular Board meeting if you have an opinion one way or another!