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Main Pool Heating Schedule Update

Main Pool Heating Schedule Update

Hey CHOA! Just a quick update on the Main Pool schedule now that we are entering the winter months…

Just in case you weren’t aware, at the September meeting, the Board resolved to keep the main pool open through the winter but planned on turning off the heaters in November. This means the pool bathrooms and the Clubhouse gym will be accessible year-round, and the pool will still be open, just not heated in the winter.

At the meeting on 10/27, the Board agreed to continue heating the Main Pool until the weather gets bad and we see regular pool use drop close to zero. The GM will work with the Board president to determine a date to shut the heaters off, and all CHOA residents will be notified via eSignal (as well as a post on the HOA website) in advance.

Looking at historical weather and usage, it’s reasonable to assume that this will happen in mid-November or early December – but we will give everybody a specific date once a decision has been made! For now, and if the weather permits, get some more laps in while the water is warm!

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions related to this item, you are encouraged to attend a Board meeting and mention it during the Homeowner Open Forum held at the very beginning of the meeting!