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Main Pool Now Open Until 9:30pm Starting 7/14

Main Pool Now Open Until 9:30pm Starting 7/14

Due to the continued delays with the side pool projects, effective Thursday July 14th we are extending the Main Pool hours so that remains open every day to 9:30pm, until the side pools are open and available for swimming. This is the very least we can do at this time to try to make amends for how long this side pool project has taken…

We are very sorry for the delays with this project and incredibly frustrated with how it’s gone since construction started. When approved by the Board in February 2021, we were told that this would be relatively straightforward and the worst part would be the lead time for parts, which is why we started so early. Unfortunately the permit process has not gone smoothly and taken months longer than originally anticipated. There have been some hard learned lessons coming out of this project, but that still doesn’t make this any less frustrating to all the residents who can’t use the side pools at this time.

If you want more background info on why this project was initially needed and approved, check out the November 2021 Signal, which has pictures and details of what work was being done and why.

Thank you all for your patience as we near completion on this project. We know you are frustrated – trust us, we are too! – but think the end is in sight. We are working with both the city and our contractor to get everybody on the same page so we can cross the finish line ASAP.

-Bill and the CHOA Board of Directors