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Pool Heating Schedule

Pool Heating Schedule

The CHOA Board met last night and has discussed the pool heating schedule for the remainder of the 2023 swim season:

  • The East and West pools will both have their heaters turned off on November 1st. Pools remain heated through the end of October.
  • The plan for the Main Pool is to keep it heated until December 1st unless the weather turns and usage significantly declines as we near the end of November. The General Manager was delegated authority to turn the Main Pool heater off before December 1st based on weather and pool usage during the 2nd half of November.

As a reminder, just like last year, the plan this year is to keep all pools “open” (gates unlocked, bathrooms available) during the winter; we are just turning the water heaters off. Anyone brave enough to swim in the 50-degree water in the middle of January is more than welcome! So after we turn the heat off, you can still use your key fobs to enter the pool gates and use the restrooms.

Starting November 6th, the Monday morning water aerobics class will move over to the Main Pool. This class takes place at 10am and will continue through November.

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