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Possible Solar Panels Door-to-Door Sales Scam

Possible Solar Panels Door-to-Door Sales Scam

We have been notified that several individuals claiming to work for a solar company called “North Power” have been speaking with CHOA residents about solar panels, offering them at a discounted rate due to a “government program”. Please be cautious when dealing with these individuals as they appear to be using a fake contractor’s license and might simply be trying to obtain personal information. We have reported this activity to the police and will continue looking into it, but please be vigilant and cautious when dealing with any door-to-door salesperson.

Additionally, these representatives have claimed that they are “HOA approved” and that they have HOA permission to canvas the neighborhood. Neither of these claims are true. While the HOA does not have jurisdiction to prevent an individual from going door-to-door, this vendor is in no way HOA approved. The Association has exactly zero “pre-approved” or “preferred” vendors.

Door-to-door solar scams are common and typically get residents to sign a contract or enrollment form, then use that information for identity theft or other fraudulent activities. Please be cautious when dealing with individuals like these. Concord PD has confirmed that they can send a police officer to speak with them if they are still on site and can be reached at 925-671-3333.