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Recreational Facilities Closed – New Stay-at-Home Update

Recreational Facilities Closed – New Stay-at-Home Update
The Contra Costa Health Officer just released a new stay-at-home order which specifically requires the closure of all recreational facilities like tennis courts, basketball courts, and dog parks. This means that the HOA will be closing its tennis courts, basketball courts, and dog park effective tonight at midnight, to comply with the new order and help stop the spread of COVID-19.
If you haven’t seen the updated order yet, here is a link:

Again, effective tonight, the following facilities will all be closed:

  • Dog park
  • Basketball courts (rims will be removed)
  • Tennis courts (fob access will be disabled)
As a reminder, the playgrounds were closed last week, so please do not utilize any of these facilities! They are not being actively sanitized.


I’ve also received some calls about residents not practicing proper social distancing techniques when walking along the greenbelt. Per this new order, social distancing requirements are mandatory. Please make sure you are maintaining six-foot social distancing from other individuals who are not a part of your households at all times.


Please also ensure that your dogs remained leashed at all times when you are walking them outside of your residence, and that you are picking up after your pets. It’s a tough time for everybody and with the dog park closing we wanted to send out a reminder that all dogs need to be leashed when you’re walking them around the common areas. And please be courteous to your neighbors and make sure you’re picking up after your pets!


That’s it for now – stay safe everyone! As a reminder, the Business Office is closed to walk-ins but I’m still working normal hours and can be reached via email or phone if you need anything at all. Wishing you and your family all the best!
-Bill, Cowell GM