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Side Pool Project Status Update – June 23rd

Side Pool Project Status Update – June 23rd

Hi all! We wanted to put out an update on the side pool projects:

Last week, we had two electrical inspections by the city. Those inspections went well, but the inspectors did have some minor work/changes that they are requiring we complete. These include:

  • Re-running and modifying some of the electrical for landscaping components that are entering into the East Pool pump room
  • Adding new ventilation to the joists above sheet rock
  • Removing multiple areas of sheet rock so the city could inspect electrical for the lights in the chemical storage rooms

The pool maintenance vendor has resubmitted the plans with the changes for approval and are awaiting review. According to the vendor, there should be one re-inspection for the corrections, and then all that’s left is a final inspection from the health department (which can usually be scheduled within 1-2 days) and then a final inspection from the city building department. Per the pool vendor, we are incredibly close and as soon as we have a sign off on electrical, they can call for a health department final (usually next day) as all of the equipment is now installed and ready to be fired up. We’re just on hold until the city signs off on the new revised plans.

We understand this project has taken much longer than originally anticipated and we want these darn pools to open up ASAP! I would guesstimate that we are 1-2 weeks away from being able to open up, but that is dependent on factors outside of our control.

As soon as the electrical is signed off, we should have a realistic timeline that we can use and start planning for the pools to open back up!

Thanks to all residents for your patience this summer. I know this has been incredibly frustrating, especially with us hitting triple digit temps these last few days. We really appreciate your understanding and are so excited for these two pools to be able to open back up!