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Side Pool Project Update – 8/9

Side Pool Project Update – 8/9

Here is the most up-to-date info available on the side pool projects:

Construction is about 95% done for both pools, and has been for quite some time. The delays at this time are permits from the city of Concord. We mentioned previously that we have brought in a general contractor familiar with the city’s requirements to assist our contractor with their submittals to the city. Right now, we do not have a valid permit for either pool.

The west pool submittal is currently being reviewed by the GC we brought in, looking for any errors or omissions that might cause a delay in approval. Once the GC confirms this looks good, our contractor will submit the plans to the city. Our goal is for this to be the very last time we submit to the city for approval. If approved, we have about a week’s worth of work to finish up. This includes closing up the walls and cleaning out the pool, getting the water ready for swimming. We can’t do that ahead of time because there is currently no working power in the pump room, and we need that to run the pumps and filters. If we obtain city approval, we can put out an actual, tangible opening date for the west pool!

The east pool requires a little more work. The city needs an engineer to sign off on some additional plans due to some ventilation being installed at this building. Our contractor is currently working with the engineer to get these plans finalized. Once that’s done, we’ll bring in our general contractor to review everything and make sure it looks good. Then we submit to the city and, once approved, we are on the same ~7 day timeline for reopening.

Our best guess is, so long as this is the last time we resubmit, it’s reasonable to believe that the west pool will open before the end of the month or the first week in September. The east pool might be a week or two behind, depending on how long the engineer takes to do what he needs to do.

As mentioned previously, we are very frustrated with how this project has turned out. What was expected to be a relatively straightforward, three to four week construction project has turned into a nine-month nightmare, if I may be so frank. This whole ordeal has been very trying – for you, the resident who can’t use two of the three pools, for the Board, who feels the same way and wants these pools open ASAP, and for management, who has to pass along seemingly fruitless updates to residents who just want to use the darn pools before it gets cold! We hear you – but are optimistic that this time, it’ll be the last time we submit the plans to the city for approval, they get approved, and then we can get the contractor back out there to get these things finished.

It’s certainly been a learning lesson for all involved and we are really appreciative of your patience while we get this ironed out. It’s not been easy and we on this end (the board and management) are just as frustrated as you are. Hopefully the next update you get from us is one with a scheduled opening date!