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Side Pool Project Update

Side Pool Project Update

As we are nearing the time when the side pools historically have opened for the summer, we wanted to provide you all with a quick update on the project! We do not have an exact date for opening yet, but the project is very close to being completed and we are optimistic we will be able to open it soon – our goal is before the end of this month, but that depends on how quickly the city can have the final inspection performed.

Nearly all construction work (drywall, conduits, drains, etc) is complete and has been completed for quite some time. Unfortunately there were major delays in getting an electrical inspection completed, and some parts of the construction project could not be finished prior to obtaining this inspection. As of last week, the electrical inspection is complete and the vendor is now finishing up the construction side of things.

When that is complete, the city will perform their final inspection. We do not currently have an ETA for how long that may take, but it needs to happen before we can open the pools.

Once the city’s final inspection is complete, the vendor can install all the pool equipment like heaters and filters and get the pool ready to open. We are told this particular process will go pretty quickly, hopefully within a number of days.

Unfortunately this project has taken much longer than initially anticipated, and we apologize for the inconvenience. The Board understands that it is not ideal to have these side pools closed as the weather warms, but we will be sure to let all homeowners know via e-Signal and on the HOA website as soon as we have a confirmed opening date for the side pools! Keep your eyes peeled for an update at when we have an opening date scheduled.