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Side Pool Status Update – 7/12

Side Pool Status Update – 7/12

We unfortunately do not have any new tangible updates available at this time – the pool contractor is still working with the city to get the permits finalized. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, especially as we near mid-July. This project is of the utmost priority and we are working with the contractor and the city to get things finished up as quickly as possible. Unfortunately the permit process just took much longer than originally anticipated by the vendor, which is why the pools are not yet open. We are very frustrated with how this project has gone due to the continued delays and are very sorry that the side pools are not open right now. We will continue to push all parties involved and make this right.

For context, (and to clarify why this project was needed and when it started) this project was initially approved by the Board in February of 2021, and expected to be completed in early 2022 (we were initially told February), with plenty of time to open up all three pools in the spring at the usual time. The two pump/equipment rooms for these side pools were in really bad shape – check out the November Signal for pictures and a more detailed write up. In a nutshell, the filters were not adequate for a pool of that size/use, and the interior components and conduits were corroding due expose to chemicals like chlorine. Things were just generally in really bad shape and had not been properly maintained.

All parts were ordered months in advance and delivered in October/November and the contractor began working with the city for permits that winter. Unfortunately that process has taken much longer than originally anticipated. We are currently working with the contractor and the city to get this portion of the project finalized.

On the construction side of things, we are very close to completion – but the outstanding items cannot be completed until we get city approval. As soon as we have more information to provide to you folks, we will do so right away. But we wanted to reiterate that we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused here and we are just as frustrated as you all are. We will continue to make this our highest priority and get this done as quickly as possible. Thanks all for your patience and understanding!

-Bill, CHOA GM