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Stolen Packages and Mail in the Community

Stolen Packages and Mail in the Community

December 4, 2017 – In the last month, several residents have had delivered packages stolen from their doorsteps, and mail stolen from their mailboxes. If you see a suspected theft in progress, call Concord Police dispatch at 925.671.3333. If your package was stolen, please fill out a police report online. The police need to know there is a problem at the Crossings so that they devote more time to patrolling here.

Remember, CHOA’s security company is not responsible for activity on Concord city streets, only CHOA’s shared facilities and grounds.

Some tips to ensure your package is secured:

Have the package delivered to work, a friend, a neighbor, or a local carrier store. Try using different delivery options during the high-crime season. Have packages delivered where someone can accept them such as work or by a neighbor, or require a signature for delivery. Also, consider using the carrier’s local store for a delivery address and picking it up there.

Signup for the USPS scanned email program called Informed Delivery. The USPS will scan letters being delivered to your mail each day and send an email to you with their images. This service is free and available at:

Leave a note. Delivery drivers may honor requests to place packages behind a gate, shrub, or other location; residents should contact their carrier. In some cases, a note on the door is enough.

Track packages. Package tracking has come a long way with online features. Setup alerts to your phone or email so you know when the package is en route. You will know when it is at your door to pick it up yourself or ask a neighbor to grab it.

Amazon locker. If you purchase items from Amazon, consider having it delivered to an Amazon Locker located in a local Safeway or the new Whole Foods. When it’s there, you’ll receive a code to open the secure locker and pickup your item.