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Striped Maple Ct Cleanup Project Info

Striped Maple Ct Cleanup Project Info

In May of 2022, during a routine residential gas service line replacement on Striped Maple Ct, PG&E hit a buried pipe that leaked a petroleum hydrocarbon material. PG&E then excavated the front yard and discovered pipeline containing this substance. PG&E removed the substance and stained soil from the site and capped off the pipeline. Since then, the owner of the property, PG&E, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and Contra Costa Health Services have been working on a plan for cleanup and removal.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board has let us know that there is a plan for the abandoned pipe and its contents to be removed starting on or around May 8th. The depth and extent of the source will be documented to ensure appropriate health and safety measures are in place prior to appropriately handling and disposing of the contaminated pipe and impacted soil.

For more details on the project, its history, and what the removal and cleanup plan is moving forward, please see the following fact sheet provided by the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board:


Note: this project is not affiliated with the Association in any way. If you have specific questions, please direct them to the contact information on the Fact Sheet.