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Summer Lifeguards Only At Main Pool

Summer Lifeguards Only At Main Pool

February 28, 2017 – This year, for the security of the lifeguards we will have two lifeguards on duty at the Main pool June to August, from noon to closing, seven days a week; there will be no lifeguards at the East and West pools. A lifeguard will check the East and West pools periodically for proper HOA IDs and do other maintenance checks, but they are not permanently stationed there.

In the past we have only had lifeguards during the summer months, but it has been difficult to hire enough lifeguards to staff all three pools for the past two years. Because lifeguards will only be stationed at the Main Pool, our rules state that swimmers with swim badges (ages 8-14 years old) may only swim unaccompanied by an adult provided they are at the Main Pool with a lifeguard. Please see our 2017 Rules Booklet on this website for more information.