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Tree Removal and Trimming Starting Monday, April 4

Tree Removal and Trimming Starting Monday, April 4

The Association’s tree trimming vendor, Arbor Vision, will be on site starting Monday, April 4 for the first half of this year’s greenbelt tree maintenance work, including the removal of several potentially hazardous trees.

For more information regarding exactly which trees are being removed and why, please read the February 2022 Signal, which includes a detailed breakdown on pgs. 6 and 7. Click here for a direct link.

2022 tree maintenance is being broken into two parts. Part one is starting this April, and will focus on all approved removals, and trimming/maintenance of all eucalyptus and conifers. Part two will be later this year, likely in the fall, and will include oaks and all other trees.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!