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Updated Pool Hours – Starting 7/13

Updated Pool Hours – Starting 7/13

Dear CHOA Residents,

We are happy to announce that starting July 13th, the pool hours are being extended to 10am to 8pm for every day of the week! Previously both Wednesdays and Thursdays had reduced hours from 1pm to 6pm, but now all three pools will be open from 10am to 8pm daily.

We realize that many owners in the past had utilized the pools for their early morning swims, and that right now it’s not really feasible with the pools opening at 10am. We fully understand the inconveniences caused by the pools opening later and just want everyone to know that this is the next item we’re working on figuring out. Logistically it’s difficult because we need monitors on site full time whenever the pool is open, regardless of pool use/traffic. So even if only one person was actually using the pool in the morning, Contra Costa County still requires a monitor there full time. Substitutes (like cameras, or an “honor system”) are not allowed.

Since the pools opened a month ago, we’ve hired and scheduled as many as eight part-time pool monitors and lifeguards, and our biggest challenge has been ensuring that we have consistent coverage for the pool’s operating hours.

Since the pools have opened, one specific thing we wanted to avoid was a weekly “fluctuation” of hours – for example, expanding them one week, and then reducing them again the week following due to a lack of coverage. We’ve been gradually adding more pool monitors and lifeguards and now believe we are at a point where we have adequate coverage to allow the pools to be open 10-8 daily. The next thing we are looking into now is a way to get them open even earlier, for those who like an early morning swim!

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding throughout this process. A lot of work has gone into this (and still is!) behind the scenes to ensure that the pools would be open to residents as soon as the county permitted!

Bill, GM & Cowell HOA Board of Directors