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Gravity Meditation Class at the Clubhouse – 11/30 @ 6:30pm & 7pm

The CHOA Board has recently approved a regular meditation program at the Clubhouse on Thursday evenings starting at 6:30pm. This is put on by resident Christine Boschen. The first session is scheduled for Thursday, November 30th. NO RSVP NEEDED for this event. Anyone can drop it and participate.


Gravity Meditation with neighbor Christine Boschen

Gravity Meditation combines gentle movements with inward awareness to bring more harmony, peace, and connection with your whole self. As we move through our day, we can get caught up in our thoughts and to-do lists and lose track of our basic connection to our physical selves. In a Gravity Meditation session, we move through gentle shifts in our center of gravity and pay attention to the resulting sensations in our body. Through this practice, we are supported to be more connected to ourselves. There are no set movements, and every session is different. All are welcome, and you can (and should) modify the movements to your own body’s comfort. Now more than ever, we need simple, practical tools for finding calm and peace in the midst of our day. This is one such tool! You are invited to experience it for yourself, together, with your neighbors.

Designed to fit into your schedule:

Christine will hold two 25-minute sessions, back-to-back. Don’t worry if you are running late or need to leave early. Just come for one or both sessions, or part of each. We understand that you are fitting this into your schedule.

What to wear?

If you can wear comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement (including forward and side bends), that’s great. If you are coming straight from work and are in your work clothes, that is fine too!

Open to kids? Christine defers to parents on this:

Whether Gravity Meditation is appropriate for kids is very much specific to the kid! Parents, please first try a session yourself and decide whether to bring your children to future sessions. As mentioned above, it is fine to be late or leave early; please just do so quietly so others can focus on their meditation.


Sliding scale, $6-12. First session payable by Venmo, Zelle, or cash. Future regular sessions will also have a pre-payment option on Christine’s business website,