Phone: (925) 687-9961

Clubhouse: (925) 825-0250


Lost & Found

Now that the Clubhouse is open and staffed, we are resuming the CHOA lost and found for any items or belongings left behind at the Main Pool or in the Clubhouse itself.

If you leave something like a towel, article of clothing, swim accessory, or other non-valuable item, the Clubhouse staff will place it in the big Lost & Found bin on the pool deck over by the showers and bathrooms. The Clubhouse staff will go over the pool deck daily, removing things that are left behind and putting them into the Lost & Found bin. If you (or your kid) left a jacket behind, or can’t find their swim goggles, please check out the Lost & Found bin to see if they are in there. We’ll probably keep items in the bin for a week or two, until it gets too full to store anything else.

Valuables like car keys, phones, wallets, glasses, etc will all be stored with the Clubhouse staff inside the office.

To those good Samaritans who find something left behind on the greenbelt and want to turn it in to HOA staff – please do so at the Clubhouse during normal business hours. If the Clubhouse is closed, you can drop it off through the mail slot at the Business Office, but all items like this will be stored in the Clubhouse. That means any resident who thinks they lost something in the greenbelt or any CHOA facility can ask the Clubhouse staff if it’s been turned in. All lost and found items will be handled by the Clubhouse staff moving forward.