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Business Office

The Walnut Country Business Office is CHOA’s center for resident needs and community management.


Monday – Friday, 9a – 5p
Closed on weekends and holidays
For regular homeowner or business assistance outside of Business Office hours, contact:

CHOA Clubhouse or Common Interest Management

315 Diablo Rd, Suite 221
Danville, CA 94526

Phone: (925) 743-3080
Fax: (925) 743-3084


Homeowner or Business

CHOA General Manager – Bill Mazza

4498 Lawson Court

Phone: (925) 687-9961
Fax: (925) 677-0182


First Security Services
Phone:  (877) 900 – 1110
CHOA security company patrols the common use areas and facilities.

If you have a problem on your street or private residence please call the Concord Police Department at one of the following numbers:

Concord Police – Emergency: (925) 671-3333
Concord Police – Non-emergency: (925) 671-3220
Concord Police – Abandon Vehicle: (925) 671-3259
Life Threatening Emergency:  911


Business Office Information

The CHOA Business Office offers copies of Rules; By-laws; Covenants, Conventions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs); Articles of Incorporation; other governing documents; and meeting minutes and agendas for homeowner review.  These are also available online with a password-protected homeowner login.

The office also offers approved samples and guidebooks of:

  • Artificial turf
  • Paint colors
  • Re-roofing

Visitors will also find forms and applications including:

  • Architectural application
  • Home lease/rental form
  • Complaint form
  • Vendor Information

Vendors conducting business with CHOA must contact the Business Office to be vetted, supply required forms and documents (e.g., insurance, liability), and receive payment.