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Walnut Country is a community of 1,062 single-family homes in Concord, California. Our community is located at the foothills of Mount Diablo, between Walnut Creek and Clayton. The Cowell Homeowners Association is managed by Collins Management. Walnut Country is also home to the Stingrays Swim Club.

Our amenities include three swimming pools, eight tennis courts, a clubhouse, a preschool, basketball courts, and a dog park. Take a tour of our community here.

Directors Election, Bylaws, & IRS Resolution Ballots Due October 27

This HOA election season has three items requiring your attention – seats on the Board of Directors, proposed changes to CHOA Bylaws, and a proposed IRS resolution. To vote, check your mail for your election package that includes a ballot, ballot instructions, review of the proposed Bylaws, and IRS resolution. As a reminder, you may also hand deliver your ballot to the Business Office. If, as a homeowner, you have not received an election ballot, contact the Business Office. Votes must be received by 5p on Thursday, October 27.  Please be sure to sign all of your election envelopes so that your votes are counted.

Why We Need Your Vote for the Bylaws

– by Mark Weinmann, CHOA Board President

In an HOA like ours, our governing documents are important in guiding us on how we operate.  Like many other things in our lives, when something becomes outdated and less effective, it becomes time to update it.  This is our current situation.

Our by-laws, which put forth how we operate as an association in many areas, are not current with state law nor are they aligned with best practices.  The Association has worked with our legal counsel spending considerable time and effort to address this.  In doing so, our draft by-laws now reflect current law and best practices.

For example, we’ve lowered our annual meeting quorum so we can act more efficiently.  We’ve also streamlined our balloting and election procedures to make them more manageable and effective.  We need your support and STRONGLY recommend that you vote “YES” on the revised by-laws.

If you have any questions about them, I urge you to reach out to me by email at  We thank you for your support!

Safety and Security Town Hall

October 16, 2-4p, CHOA Office

Based on feedback from the previous Town Hall event, the CHOA Board of Directors has planned a special Safety and Security Town Hall for Sunday, October 16, 2-4p, in the CHOA Office.

The agenda will be based on results from the Safety and Security survey; however, topics sure to be discussed include our private security service, CHOA ID badge use, and recent crime incidents. Please provide your thoughts on our community’s current safety and security measures, by taking this survey.