Walnut Country is a community of 1,062 single-family homes in Concord, California. Our community is located at the foothills of Mount Diablo, between Walnut Creek and Clayton. The Cowell Homeowners Association is managed by Collins Management. Walnut Country is also home to the Stingrays Swim Club.

Our amenities include three swimming pools, eight tennis courts, a clubhouse, a preschool, basketball courts, and a dog park. Take a tour of our community here.

Opinions Sought – No Turn Signs At East Entrance?

Morning rush hour traffic through the Crossings can, unfortunately, be daunting. Most of that traffic comes in to the community at the East entrance at Kenneth and Ayers. We have tried to limit this cut-through traffic by having the city install signs prohibiting it, but Concord Police have told us these signs are extremely difficult to enforce because they have no just cause to stop vehicles to see if they have business in the Crossings or are just passing through.

 So, the Board is contemplating another proposal. We would ask the city to install signs on Ayers prohibiting turns into Kenneth from Ayers between the hours of, say, 6:30am and 8:30am. This would be legally enforceable and police could issue tickets for anyone entering during those hours. While this could greatly cut down the number of pass-through vehicles, it could also inconvenience our own residents who might drive their kids to school and then have to drive to the West entrance to get back in.

Please email your opinion on this proposal to businessoffice@walnutcountry.com.

Opinions Sought – Tennis Backboard: Repair, Replace, Remove?

Do you hit tennis balls at the backboard by the lower tennis courts? Do you play basketball there? Have you noticed the poor condition of the backboard? It was recently painted, but the paint was only a band-aid. The plywood all needs to be replaced. The asphalt surface of the court is also in poor shape and needs work.

The Board would like to know what the Homeowners would like to do with this area. Please send your opinions to businessoffice@walnutcountry.com for the following proposals:

 1. Do a first rate job of replacing the plywood with thick, marine-grade, knot-free plywood, which should last 15-20 years with proper maintenance.

2. Replace the wood backboard with concrete, which should last up to 100 years, but at considerably more cost than plywood – maybe 3 times the price. The added benefit would be that since the projected life of the backboard would be more than 30 years, no money would need to be put into Reserves for its replacement.

3. Remove the backboard and add another basketball pole and hoop for full-court play. New, higher fences would need to be installed as well.

4. Remove the backboard and install 2 bocce ball courts.

5. Remove the backboard and install another children’s playground, or 2 shorter basketball hoops for children.

Main Playground Sunshade Construction Update

As you can tell with a quick glance, the main playground sunshade installation did not finish as planned last week (and incorrectly reported in the January Signal). Unfortunately, the sunshade manufacturer provided incorrectly measured shades. Though some shades are installed, they are certainly not the final product. New shades are being manufactured and are scheduled to be installed by the end of this month. The playground remains open with at least some additional shading until the full install.